Breaking Bad fans have looked on Aaron Paul’s TV future with great interest, including through Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, but at last the erstwhile Jesse Pinkman has cooked up his next big series, bitch. Paul today joins Jason Katims’ new Hulu drama The Way, alongside True Detective star Michelle Monaghan.

Created by writer-executive producer Jessica Goldberg, with Parenthood alum Katims and Michelle Lee also producing, Hulu’s The Way follows a family at the center of a controversial movement struggling with relationships, marriage and power, each episode taking an in-depth look at the choice between “the life we live and the life we want.”

Paul himself will take the role of Eddie Cleary, convert to the controversial movement with a wayward past of his own. Eddie is also husband to Sarah Cleary (Monaghan), and “a father who suffers a crisis of faith when all that he’s come to accept as truth in his life is fundamentally challenged.”

Hulu has slotted The Way (a working title, admittedly) for a winter premiere, but could the vague series prove a worthy successor to Paul’s work on Breaking Bad? Could Hulu finally get that breakout original hit they’ve been searching for?

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