In the world of comics, the walls separating various companies fictional universe are pretty thick. They got a little bit thinner in the mid-’90s, with the release of Marvel vs. DC and several high-profile crossover books that followed like Batman/Spider-ManSuperman/Fantastic Four, and the truly excellent JLA/Avengers (seriously, if you haven’t read that book, read that book). Then, it all stopped. There hasn’t been a DC/Marvel crossover in almost 15 years.

In the worlds of movies, the walls remain basically the same, with one notable difference: The characters are portrayed by people instead of drawn by artists. And while the characters remain in place, the actors who play them follow the paychecks. And those know no boundaries.

As a result, movie stars, including some very high-profile ones, have been able to jump from DC to Marvel and vice versa. They might play a hero in one universe and a villain in the other, or a supporting role for Marvel and a leading one for DC. Their characters might look very similar or drastically different. (A few have worn heavy prosthetic makeup for Marvel and ... different equally heavy makeup for DC.) And this list is only going to get longer as these cinematic universe sprawl and fracture. Here are 15 notable examples.

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