Marvel’s Agent Carter has expired in more ways than one after both Civil War and TV upfronts, but don’t take that to mean Hayley Atwell will say goodbye to the character just yet. Cap’s best gal is still in the loop, and Peggy is apparently none-too-thrilled by Steve’s familial choice of Civil War love interest, nor that headline-making comic reveal.

Before Atwell’s Conviction firmly supplants Agent Carter on the ABC schedule, Atwell dropped by MegaCon in Orlando, Florida to offer renewed hope for the latter series, saying “I’d shoot on the weekends … whatever it takes” if another season ended up in the cards (via HitFix). That said, Atwell was less enamored of her wartime beau taking up with her niece, Sharon Carter, in Captain America: Civil War:

Not having any of Captain America’s shenanigans, cinematic or otherwise, Atwell also weighed in on that controversial Hydra twist:

Granted, it seems unlikely the film Cap would ever get around to such a twist, we’re with Peggy on this one. And if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to introduce a timey-wimey twist (or LMD) to get Peggy to the present day, ready to serve her niece a stern lecture, we’re okay with that too.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest on any #SaveAgentCarter updates, and be grateful we’ll at least have Atwell on ABC next season.

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