The 1940s timeline of Marvel’s Agent Carter makes Peggy’s adventures seemingly difficult to connect to the present-day MCU, though the first season finale certainly suggested that Arnim Zola might take a larger role in Season 2, potentially exploring The Winter Soldier’s origins. Not so, according to showrunners, who tease that new recognizable Marvel baddies lie in store for Agent Carter Season 2.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, co-showrunner Michele Fazekas explained that while Agent Carter certainly opened up the early days of the Winter Soldier program with Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and Doctor Fenhoff (Ralph Brown), Season 2 would instead introduce new Marvel villains in Peggy’s Los Angeles life:

At this point, we’re telling a new story. People who are fans of the Marvel comic book universe will recognize our villain and there’s more than one villain. We’re certainly taking inspiration from the comic book universe, so anybody who knows that will be rewarded.

Granted, it also makes sense Agent Carter couldn’t probe too deeply into the Winter Soldier or the surviving Hydra threat, should any kind of surprise have remained intact for the organization’s reemergence in 2014. Expanded to 10 episodes and likely to return in January 2016, so reads the full synopsis of Agent Carter’s next mission:

Dedicated to the fight against new atomic age threats in the wake of World War II, Peggy must now journey from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous assignment yet. But even as she discovers new friends, a new home – and perhaps even a new love – she’s about to find out that the bright lights of the post-war Hollywood mask a more sinister threat to everyone she is sworn to protect.

In addition to the move, Hayley Atwell recently teased of Agent Carter Season 2 that we’d likely see more of Peggy’s lighter side, having let go of Steve Rogers in Season 1. Following confirmations that Jarvis and Agent Sousa would return, other reports also suggest that the Marvel-ous period drama will be casting an intelligent Hollywood starlet married to a powerful CEO, along with “charming oddball” Dr. Henry, a scientist who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Agent Carter Season 2 will have more to say at Comic-Con 2015 next week, but who from Marvel’s extensive canon might Peggy face in Season 2, if not Hydra or the Winter Soldier?

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