We’re having a harder and harder time wrapping our heads around Arrow’s 100th episode, between alien crossovers and some unexpected Season 2 returns, but the latest feels right at home. Cementing the DC drama’s victory lap, Moira Queen will bring a touch of class back to Arrow for the 100th outing.

So confirms Entertainment Weekly, adding of past series regular Susanna Thompson resurfacing “Details on how she’s returning are being kept under wraps.” Moira Queen hasn’t appeared on the series since her sword-side exit in Season 2, though with Jamey Sheridan reprising his role as Oliver’s father Robert Queen, it makes enough sense that Susanna Thompson would follow.

The Queens aren’t the only early series stars to return for the 100th episode, as Stephen Amell revealed that Deathstroke would play a part (whether played by Manu Bennett remains to be seen), along with franchise regular Katie Cassidy. Paging Colin Donnell, anyone? We’ve already got Papa Merlyn on lock.

For now, Arrow is still keeping most details of either its 100th episode or the four-way crossover under wraps, but we’ll start piecing together the clues by next week’s premiere. In the meantime, check out the latest trailers below, and stay tuned.

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