Supergirl got the short end of the crossover stick when Arrow, Flash and Legends convened last year, but our first look at “Crisis on Earth-X” is already making up for it. Check out first footage from the crossover event later this month, as Supergirl brings a new character to Earth-1.

The CW stuck its first footage of the two-night crossover event into Monday’s Supergirl, placing Oliver back in the Green Arrow suit alongside the other heroes. In addition to our first look at the Earth-X soldiers that stand in for the Dominators this year, we also see Chyler Leigh’s Alex joining the group on Earth-1, where last year only Kara got to participate in the crossover event.

As we learned in September, the November 27-28 episodes (for which Arrow moves to Monday behind Supergirl) will see Looking star Russell Tovey making his live-action debut as openly-gay superhero “The Ray,” before the character moves to animation for his own CW Seed series. The event will also feature an alternate-Earth Prometheus and one of Captain Cold’s final appearances in the franchise.

We’ve at least a few more weeks to see if this year’s crossover can outdo the “Invasion!” or live up to its claims of a true four-way crossover between Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl, but stay tuned for a longer look in the meantime.

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