Last year during 'Arrow's inagural run, DC comics fans were treated to one of the more comic-friendly characters yet as The CW's Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) teamed up with his first fellow vigilante hero The Huntress, aka Helena Bertinelli (Jessica De Gouw). Now, as 'Arrow' heads into its 2013 premiere with this Wednesday's "Burned," kicking off a slew of new DC characters to hit Starling City, we've learned that The Huntress will make her mark once more! Find out when Helena Bertinelli returns to 'Arrow' inside!

Everyone knows that comic book characters rarely stay dead, but 'Arrow's Helena Bertinelli (De Gouw) has a leg up even from there. The character was last seen riding off into the night with Oliver's broken heart after the events of "Vendetta," but could The CW's Huntress return to Starling City before the season is out?

"She's going to come back," said 'Arrow' executive producer Greg Berlanti at the 2012 TCA press tour. "We're just writing that episode right now." Berlanti went on to preview that "we like to think of her as the crazy ex-girlfriend. So if you can only imagine the turns...her mission isn't done or complete yet. She wanted to kill her dad, and he's still alive."

It isn't yet known exactly when De Gouw's Huntress will reappear, but 'Arrow' already has a slew of DC characters lined up for 2013, including 'Stargate: Universe's Andrew Dunbar as Firefly, 'Fringe' star Seth Gabel as Count Vertigo, 'Battlestar Galactica's James Callis as The Dodger, 'Teen Wolf' star Colton Haynes as Roy Harper, and 'Spartacus' lead Manu Bennett taking over the role of Slade Wilson / Deathstroke.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to hear Jessica De Gouw's Huntress will return to 'Arrow' this season? Check out the latest 'Arrow' preview, and tell us what other DC characters you'd like to see in the comments!