'Arrow' has long had a history of picking top genre stars for its own, and it seems the acclaimed CW drama will be re-lighting the 'Firefly' once more. Following Summer Glau's turn on the Green Arrow drama as DC villain Isabel Rochev, Glau's former onscreen 'Firefly' brother Sean Maher will portray the villainous DC bomber Shrapnel in episode 10.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Maher will appear as the villainous Mark Scheffer (DC alter-ego of Shrapnel), a serial bomber who begins a campaign of terror around Starling City and threatens the life of Glades alderman Sebastian Blood ('True Blood' star Kevin Alejandro). The comic incarnation of Shrapnel held a decidedly more metallic appearance, true to his name, though we imagine 'Arrow''s take will come across a bit more grounded, even with plans to introduce Barry Allen's superpowered better half later in the season.

Maher adds to 'Arrow' season 2's DC character haul, thus far, including references to Metamorpho and The Atom, Black Canary (Caity Loitz), Anthony Ivo (Dylan Neal), his “Amazo”-ing associate (Jimmy Jean Louis), Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Amanda Waller (‘SpartacusCynthia Addai-Robinson), League of Assassins member Al-Owal (‘Homeland‘ star Navid Negahban), Sin (‘The Killing‘ star Bex Taylor Klaus) and Seth Gabel's returning Count Vertigo.

You can check out the latest preview of tonight's all-new 'Arrow' installment, "Broken Dolls," below, and tell us what other genre stars besides Sean Maher that you'd like to see playing DC characters this season!

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