'Arrow' season 3 has already brought with it a wealth of DC heroes and villains, and in only five episodes! The party gets even bigger by the latest trailer for coming episodes of the hit DC drama, as we see the introduction of the 'Arrow'-obsessed Cupid, get a taste of Ted Grant's "Wildcat" past, and even meet the mysterious Captain Boomerang for a hint of what's to come on 'The Flash' crossover. Plus, who's getting some unexpected love?

There's a great deal stuffed into the quiver of the latest 'Arrow' season 3 trailer, which strings together footage from this past week's "Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak," as well as next week's "Guilty" and beyond. Not only do we learn that J.R. Ramirez's Ted Grant has been operating as a "Wildcat" vigilante since before Oliver's time, but so too do we see the introduction of Amy Gumenick's Cupid, and a few obscured glimpses of 'Spartacus' star Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang, who helps bring about the hotly-anticipated 'Flash' crossover.

But wait, there's more! It looks like Felicity and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) will be getting close sooner rather than later, and Roy continues struggling with the dreams (or memories!) of Sara's murder. See for yourself with the latest 'Arrow' season 3 trailer above, and give us your predictions for the final episodes of 2014 in the next few weeks!