Throw another vigilante in the Arrow Season 5 mix, but - twist - this one you’ve met before. The DC drama will officially introduce a new spin on female archer vigilante Artemis, albeit filling the role with the same mysterious Evelyn Sharp character we met last season.

According to Variety, where Madison McLaughlin previously appeared in Arrow Season 4 as a troubled teen taking up the Black Canary mantle for revenge against Damien Darhk, Season 5 will reintroduce the character under a different vigilante moniker. Instead, we’ll see Evelyn Sharp appearing for several episodes (starting with 502) as masked archer Artemis.

For those unfamiliar, comics introduced Artemis Crock as the daughter of villains Tigress and Sportsmaster, though animated favorite Young Justice gave more notable profile to the character as an archer under Green Arrow’s tutelage. Wayward vigilantism appears to be a major theme for Arrow Season 5, following additions of Rick Gonzalez’s Wild Dog, and Josh Segarra’s “Vigilante.”

Elsewhere of Season 5, we know that Oliver’s tenure as Star City mayor will pit him against an “apex predator” crime boss influenced by The Wire villain Stringer Bell, with a hint of Jason Momoa. Stephen Amell has also downplayed the likelihood of The Flash’s time-turning twist affecting any Arrow chronology, while we’ll also have Echo Kellum elevated to series regular as Curtis Holt, and Colton Haynes reportedly returning as Roy Harper for a number of episodes.

We’ll likely hear more of Arrow Season 5 on the road to Comic-Con 2016, but what make we of the new heroes and villains joining the ranks?

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