It’s gotta be tough as a director to see your beloved characters handed off to someone else for a big team-up event movie, and it’s likely that maybe you’d worry those other directors wouldn’t do your superhero children justice. Well, James Gunn didn’t have to worry when the Guardians of the Galaxy joined the Avengers in Infinity War — because he got to write their lines.

At a Q&A at Awesome Con attended by SuperBroMovies, Dave Bautista, a.k.a. Drax the Destroyer, shared a little behind-the-scenes secret: James Gunn had been in charge of characterizing the Guardians for Infinity War and wrote some of their dialogue. He wouldn’t reveal any details, but even from what we’ve seen in the trailers, these are definitely the Guardians we know and love.

It’s probably a more efficient way of doing things for the Russo brothers, who are in charge of helming Infinity War, but who have also been consulting with previous MCU directors in order to get their characters and story just right. Gunn has directed and co-written two movies featuring these characters, so it’s safe to say that, of the MCU directors, he’s the one who knows the Guardians the best. He has a weird, darkly humorous style too that would be tough for another writer to replicate.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.

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