It’s a good week for Avengers fans. Yesterday, Marvel superheroes filled the pages of four Vanity Fair covers, and the magazine unveiled some new details on the future of the MCU in a lengthy cover story. The Russo brothers have been posting mysterious numbers on their Facebook page, seemingly counting down to something, and now we know what: the Infinity War trailer will finally arrive tomorrow.

The official Avengers Twitter account shared a video compilation of fans geeking out over previous Marvel trailers, ending in the announcement that, yes, the first Infinity War trailer comes out this Wednesday.

But there might be more coming on Thursday. The Russo brothers shared a photo of the number three on their Facebook yesterday, and today they posted the number two. So what’s arriving on Thursday? My best guess is tomorrow we’ll just get the teaser trailer, and Thursday will bring an extended full-length trailer. Thursday may also bring the first official poster. Too bad fans have already seen it, thanks to a Tom Holland goof.

Spidey himself revealed the official poster to fans during a live Instagram Story today, which Mark Ruffalo sent to him. He read Ruffalo’s attached note afterward, which had giant-sized font printed across the back reading “Confidential – Do not share.” He immediately freaked out and ended the live stream. Tony Stark is not gonna be pleased.

Update: Marvel has released the first poster (you can probably thank Holland for that):


Stay tuned for the Infinity War trailer tomorrow, and whatever else is to follow. The film hits theaters May 4, 2018.

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