The full Batman: Arkham Origins trailer has arrived, and with it comes nearly five minutes of pure Dark Knight action. If you thought Deathstroke was the main attraction, he's just the tip of iceberg.

Though there's no actual gameplay to speak of in the first lengthy trailer for Arkham Origins, there's definitely a lot to like about the tone Warner Bros. Montreal is setting. After taking over the series from Rockstead (who developed the first two Arkham games), WB Montreal has a lot to live up to, but the team may actually be up to the task.

The teaser trailer we got last week provided just a hint of what to expect from this new footage, and the extended battle between Deathstroke and Batman was well worth the wait. It's a wonderfully choreographed fight, and one we can only hope to take part in during the actual game. There are a few appearances from other villains appearing in the game, but you should watch rather than having us spoil all the fun for you.

In addition to the trailer, there's a handful of new screens from the sequel as well. You'll get your first glimpse at a returning favorite, as well as a look at a rather obscure and forgotten character from the 90s. Check out all the latest media, and let us know what you think about Batman: Arkham Origins.