We already knew there were some awesomely nerdy references in ‘Big Hero 6,’ but did you know that Disney’s animated Marvel film also featured some Easter eggs from other animated Disney films? Specifically, if you paid very, very close attention, you probably saw some ‘Frozen’ references in the fictional city of San Fransokyo. If you missed them, this new video is here to point them out.

Disney Movies Anywhere (the platform that allows viewers to watch their Disney movies, well, anywhere) posted this “special mission” video to their YouTube page (via io9), inviting you to check out some of the ‘Frozen’ Easter eggs from ‘Big Hero 6.’ For instance, there’s a statue of the sleazy Prince Hans, and during an overhead shot of the city, you can see Olaf the snowman. One Easter egg not mentioned in the video is a “wanted” poster featuring Hans’ face, which other viewers have already pointed out. Even the citizens of San Fransokyo seem to despise Hans.

Presumably, this short video is part of a longer special feature that will uncover the clever Easter eggs sprinkled throughout ‘Big Hero 6.’ The directors previously revealed that you’ll notice some Marvel superheroes in the film, disguised as action figures and toys in Fred’s room (the character voiced by T.J. Miller).

Hopefully we’ll see more of these Easter eggs when ‘Big Hero 6' hits DVD and Blu-ray on February 24.