Big Hero 6’ may only be tangentially related to the Marvel comic on which it is based and completely unconnected to the larger Marvel cinematic universe, but it still has the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. Yes, this is an animated movie featuring an animated version of the legendary comic book icon/Marvel mascot. But hey, it’s a tradition at this point.

If you didn’t catch Lee’s brief appearance when you saw the film, it’s because you broke the cardinal rule of going to see movies based on Marvel properties: you didn’t stay through the end credits. Spoilers for ‘Big Hero 6’ follow in the next paragraph.

Once the credits have finished rolling, audiences are treated to a quick scene where T.J. Miller’s Fred learns that his frequently absent family are actually superheroes and gives his dad a big ‘ol hug. His father not only resembles Stan Lee, but has the voice to boot.

The featurette above doesn’t go into any kind of great detail (Lee hasn’t said an unkind or insightful thing in public in decades), but it’s pretty sweet to see the Marvel maestro’s enthusiasm for appearing in a Disney film. After all, he has a lot in common with Walt Disney himself, with both of them being frequently controversial but massively influential figures that are often used to represent an entire medium of entertainment.

‘Big Hero 6’ is still in theaters and considering the box office, you’ve probably already seen it.