As if the announcement that 'Boardwalk Empire' would pour its last with a fifth and final season this fall weren't enough, series fan-favorite Michael K. Williams recently revealed we'd see a substantial shift in the glamorous gangster life we'd come to know. Now, the first trailer teaser for 'Boardwalk' season 5 has arrived, but who will last long enough to cash out by the end?

Scored to a haunting rendition of "One is the Loneliest Number," the new look at 'Boardwalk Empire' season 5 teases a very different locale than the lively Atlantic City we've come to know, highlighting Nucky (Steve Buscemi) in silhouette by his lonesome, while shots of an abandoned boardwalk abound. Bullets fly and graves pour, as Nucky reminds attendants of a meeting that "the trick's to stay alive long enough to cash out," a stark reminder that "All Empires Fall."

Elsewhere, we've only heard select details of the final season for HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire,' though we know the story will move into Depression-era Prohibition for its final 12 episodes, essentially forgoing the roaring '20s glamour of the previous four years. History tells us that Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky will certainly come into their own, but the original creations of HBO's gangster epic will chart courses all their own.

While we wait for news of 'Boardwalk Empire''s final year, take a look at the first (briefly NSFW) trailer teaser above, and tell us what you want to see from season 5 in the comments below!