Don't expect to see Brad Pitt anywhere on the small screen these days, between the scope of 'World War Z' and his latest 'Killing Them Softly.' The last time we can recall Pitt's star being dim enough for TV was an appearance on 'Friends,' but his name (at least) may soon come to HBO.  New reports claim that Pitt's production company has begun development on a new HBO debt collector drama 'Paper,' adapted from a New Yorker article, but what's been changed in the translation?

Brad Pitt starring in a new HBO drama series?  In your dreams.  And a little bit of ours. In any case, Variety reports that the 'Killing Them Softly' star's production company Plan B Entertainment has begun development of 'Paper,' a debt-collector drama adapted from Jake Halpern's New Yorker article "Pay Up."  Short-story scribe Wells Tower will write the project and co-exec produce with Pitt himself.

Similar to the New Yorker article, 'Paper' follows a notorious ex-gangster and single father in Buffalo, N.Y., who attempts reform himself by serving as a professional debt collector. He soon finds life in the debt collection world can to be every bit as deadly as his previous life of crime.  A minor change, but in the New Yorker's version the character "Jimmy" previously dealt cocaine, rather than operate as a "notorious" gangster.

No cast has yet been set, but what say you?  Would you tune in for HBO's 'Paper,' if Brad Pitt had a hand in it?

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