Brie Larson is reportedly the frontrunner to play Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, the studio’s first solo female superhero movie — which is kind of a big deal for a lot of fans. The Oscar-winning star of Room is a great choice for the part, but back in 2015, she had no idea who Captain Marvel was. That’s probably changed quite a bit since this interview took place, but it’s still pretty delightful to see her reaction nonetheless.

While promoting Room last year, Larson spoke with a reporter from MTV who asked the actress if she knew that there were a whole bunch of fans who wanted her to play Captain Marvel. She’s super charming about the whole thing, even when she confuses Captain Marvel with Captain America — though Larson says she’d be totally down with playing a male superhero:

Larson recently completed work on Kong: Skull Island, which just so happens to feature another big Marvel star: Tom Hiddleston. Despite that connection, Larson is an excellent choice for Captain Marvel, having displayed some incredible range throughout her career — from the comedy of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to the painfully human drama of Short Term 12 and, of course, her Oscar-winning turn in Room.

Kevin Feige recently said that a star and director for Captain Marvel would likely be announced this summer, so it shouldn’t be much longer before we find out if Larson locked down the role of Marvel’s first leading lady.