With 'Captain America 2' about to reveal its first footage at Comic-Con 2013, the marketing campaign is heating up. Just earlier this week we got our first look at the film's poster and today, we get a new look at some 'Captain America' concept art, highlighting what looks to be the climactic battle in the film between Cap and his former sidekick, and current nemesis, The Winter Soldier.

This concept art drawing by Ryan Meinerding (via EW) shows off the big fight between Captain America and the former Bucky Barnes, now known as The Winter Soldier after being saved from his accident in the film film and bio-engineered into an assassin. Behind them, S.H.I.E.L.D. jets are raining down fire and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) soars through the sky firing off two guns.

What we don't see here is Cap's new costume. Though he'll be getting a fancy new outfit in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' it looks by the time this scene rolls around, Cap has decided to ditch the modern look and return to his classic outfit. (Speaking of outfits, Barnes has ditched his mask and is going face-to-face with his former partner.)

With 'Captain America 2' serving as a centerpiece for Marvel's big Comic-Con panel, you can expect to hear (and see) a lot more on the film in the next coming days.