Everything old is new again, and like the Magic School Bus before it, Netflix is ready to take us anywhere in the world. So it is, that we’ll be chasing Carmen Sandiego all over again with a new Netflix series, starring Jane the Virgin favorite Gina Rodriguez.

According to The Tracking Board, Netflix is nearing a 20-episode order for the new animated series; set to feature Rodriguez in the title role. The new project “aims to be as educational as it is entertaining, given the title character’s globetrotting adventures.”

It isn’t immediately clear what format a new Carmen Sandiego series would take, given the character began as a geography-teaching computer game, and etched a permanent place in pop culture with game shows Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (you’re already humming the theme), and Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? There was also the animated Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? series, and plenty of books, comics, and film attempts since.

We’ll see what Netflix says in an official announcement, but what should a new Carmen Sandiego series look like?

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