A 2018 interview with the late Chadwick Boseman, in which the actor broke down while speaking about two terminal cancer patients who were hanging on to see the Black Panther film, is going viral. It was revealed that the actor was battling Stage IV colon cancer when the interview and filming of the movie took place.

Speaking during a panel on SiriusXM, Boseman spoke about the impact that the Black Panther movie had on fans. He teared up, however, when speaking about two terminal cancer patients that he was in contact with throughout the filming of the Marvel movie.

“Two little kids, Ian and Taylor, recently passed from cancer and throughout our filming I was communicating with them knowing that they were both terminal. And what they said to me is—and [what] their parents said—they were just trying to hold on ‘til this movie comes [out],” he said, visibly getting choked up.

Boseman called the experience “humbling” and added that the film was “taking on a life of its own.”

“I realized that they anticipated something great,” he continued. “I think back now to a kid and just, you know, waiting for Christmas to come, waiting for my birthday to come or I’m waiting for a toy that I was going to get a chance to experience... I did live life waiting for those moments and so it put me back in the mind of being a kid, just to experience those two little boys’ anticipation of this movie.”

“When I found out that they were [terminal]...” Boseman continued, trailing off as tried to finish his sentence before breaking down. “It means a lot,” he concluded, with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Watch the full interview, below.

The 43-year-old passed away from colon cancer on Friday (August 28) at home with his wife and family. The actor’s battle with the Stage IV cancer was not made public until after his passing. It was revealed that he filmed numerous movies while undergoing treatments and surgeries.

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