Well-received thought Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil may have been, a great many fans remain underwhelmed at the red suit worn by Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in the season’s final outing, and carried into Season 2. Now, new concept art of additional suit designs has emerged, bringing the Man Without Fear’s MCU look much closer in line with his comic counterpart.

Marvel artist Josh Nizzi released two alternate designs of the live-action Netflix Daredevil suit, distinct from Ryan Meinerding’s final design, though the latter image clearly shares certain sensibilities with the ultimate product. Intriguingly however, Nizzi’s first design much more closely replicates the comic look, down to the dominating red and visible “DD” logo:

Josh Nizzi
Josh Nizzi

For reference, the Meinerding design, with Marvel boss Joe Quesada’s input below:

Marvel / Ryan Meinerding

One of my favorite parts of the costume is that if you look very, very closely at some of the way the armature is attached to the costume, you can actually see rivets. There was something about that particular element that I told Ryan, we should lean into that a little bit because that is so quintessentially New York and how the city itself is constructed. […]

Ryan also did some great stuff with respect to the placement of blacks against the red, the way that the darker portions of the mask are constructed to really give the full feeling of when comic artists draw that mask and rim light it in red while leaving the center portions black.

The costume seems largely unchained in Season 2 (in keeping with the practical approach, Matt wouldn’t change much without good reason), but could Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil undergo yet another evolution in Season 2, or beyond? Should a new costume go for broke with more red?

Watch the latest Season 2 teasers below, in the meantime.

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