Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil draws much more from street-level crime dramas like The Wire than its Avengers predecessors, but that hasn’t stopped the parody parade from finding some fantastic fits. Daredevil, dressed as Law & Order, and frighteningly perfect at that? We’ll take eight!

YouTuber David Johns managed to put together a new opening credits reel for Netflix’s Daredevil, less bleeding NYC landmarks, and all Law & Order. It gets especially weird when you remember that Vincent D’Onofrio actually starred in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but still spot-on nonetheless.

For as much of the inside of a courtroom as we saw in Daredevil Season 1 anyway, Season 2 might up the Law & Order ante if Foggy’s finale words are to be believed, that Wilson Fisk would head to trial in a year.

It’s a long road yet to Daredevil Season 2, comic casting or otherwise, but you can check out the re-worked Law & Order credits above, as well as a Night Court take below

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