Deadpool would seem like a character who's difficult to love. He's got some serious scarring, he's mentally insane and he's constantly talking to people who aren't there. But, this is Hollywood and Ryan Reynolds needs someone to fall in love with in the Deadpool movie. Enter Gotham star Morena Baccarin who has joined the upcoming superhero movie as Wade Wilson's love interest.

Baccarin had been up for the part against Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling, Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf) and Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Red Band Society). She'll play the female lead in the film, who was called “Lindsay” in the recent casting call (though that name is likely an alias). Here's how she was described:

Smart, tough, beautiful but a little bit broken. Nothing has ever been easy for her and she’s developed a thick skin and cynical outlook. But she’s not a victim—she may not have a great life but she’s holding it together and does what she needs to get by. She’s got a great sense of humor but it leans heavily towards irony and sarcasm.

Could she actually be playing a character we're familiar with from the comics? In a previous draft of the Deadpool script that had been floating around the web, Deadpool's love interest in the film was actually Vanessa Carlyle, known as Copycat in the comic books. Copycat was a shapeshifting mutant with blue skin (yes, not unlike Mystique) who was working as a prostitute when she met Wilson in Boston. It seems unlikely that Fox would introduce yet another blue-skinned female shapeshifter to their mutant universe, so if they wanted to go super modern, perhaps Baccarin is playing Shiklah, Queen of the Undead, who Deadpool recently married. Though that would start introducing Dracula, and things would get really weird. Hey, maybe Baccarin is just playing a regular girl with no mutant powers.

In addition to Reynolds and Baccarin, Deadpool stars T.J. Miller, Ed Skrien and Gina Carano. Filming is expected to begin next month in Vancouver.

Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12, 2016.