We've still got a fair bit of of time between now and the premiere of the seventh season of 'Dexter,' a wait made all the more arduous by the shocking reveal that closed out season 6 finale "This is the Way the World Ends," but now, some leaked production info may just have given out some major clues on the direction of the upcoming season...

IMDb seems to have gotten a hold of an upcoming casting call for 'Dexter's seventh season premiere, tentatively titled "Are You...?," which doles out not only a host of new and potentially major characters, but also provides a little bit of light on just how Debra's reaction to discovering her brother's murderous tendencies will play out.  Perhaps there's something in her past Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) feels she might have overlooked, because we'll be seeing the adoptive brother and sister pair as kids again for sure!

Also notable is the presence of a new face in Miami Metro, one purported to be a "major recurring co-star" without any time for nonsense.  Might "Detective Angie Miller" be the new lady in Dexter Morgan's life who's said to potentially appear into season 8 as well?  And what of these recurring Russian characters?  Could they be a clue to who will provide the new big bad menace, hopefully not part of a twist that most people figure out by the third episode?

Read the casting notice below if you dare, and tell us what you want to see from the new season of 'Dexter' in the comments!

DEXTER, Episode #701, "Are You....?"

Writer: Scott Buck

Director: John Dahl

Location: Los Angeles

Shoot dates: o/a 5/23-6/4

[GEORGE NOVIKOV] 30s to 40s. Russian heritage but American born, so no accent. Tough, aggressive, possibly a little overweight but imagines he is "all that". Basically, he's just not a good guy. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[VIKTOR KAREV] 30s, handsome, well dressed, stylish, slight Eastern European accent. He is a polished businessman who can get his hands dirty when he has to. GUEST LEAD.

[DET. ANGIE MILLER] 30s, African American. Attractive, straightforward, she is a divorced mother of two who has no time for nonsense, so she simply goes about her job at Miami Metro Homicide. MAJOR RECURRING CO-STAR ROLE.

[YOUNG DEXTER] Dexter (Michael C. Hall) at 9 years old. Reddish-brownish hair and brown eyes. 2 Speeches and 6 lines/3 scenes.

[YOUNG DEBRA] Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) at 5 years old. Long brown hair and hazel green eyes. 2 Speeches and 2 lines/3 scenes.

[TICKET AGENT] 30s, Caucasian, female. She is a ticket agent at an airport. 1 Speech and 2 lines/1 scene.

[BLACK-HAIRED STRIPPER] Mid 20s to early 30s and with a thick Russian accent. She is a stripper at a Miami strip club. 2 lines/1 scene.

[EVIDENCE CLERK] Female, Latina, 30s to 40s. She works in evidence at Miami Metro Homicide. 1 line/1 scene.