Despite a certain likelihood and earlier comments from producers, Showtime has yet to provide a concrete answer regarding 'Dexter's upcoming eighth season, and whether or not it will prove the last for the series. The series' ratings have remained strong, delivering its highest numbers to date with season 7, but additional years will likely depend on actor and creative commitment. Whether or not 'Dexter's eighth season will see a series finale, is Michael C. Hall abandoning TV afterward regardless?

Premium cable TV viewers have long been treated to a strong presence of actor Michael C. Hall, first with HBO's 'Six Feet Under' and most recognizably with the mammoth success of Showtime's serial killer saga 'Dexter,' but could a retirement from TV be in the works for Hall? It remains to be seen if the eighth season of 'Dexter' premiering on Showtime June 30 will prove the last, but Hall recently went on record with Metro claiming that his TV days could potentially be behind him.

"Another open-ended commitment that could potentially go five or more years is a little daunting at this point," says Hall, though he refrained from "ruling anything out." The actor even joked that he made similar statements following the ending of HBO's 'Six Feet Under,' and "you can see where that got me."

Apart from 'Dexter,' Hall's latest project 'Kill Your Darlings' earned positive reviews at Sundance, an could signal the onset of a larger career in film for the TV star.

What say you? Do you hope to see a ninth season of 'Dexter' after season 8 premieres on June 30? Would you want to see Michael C. Hall somewhere other than TV afterward? Give us your thoughts in the comments!