Books man, who needs ‘em! Michael B. Jordan‘s Montag sure doesn’t until he learns the terrifying truths about his authoritarian society and uncovers the lies he’s been fed. That’s right, a new Fahrenheit 451 adaptation is on the way, and it looks pretty good.

The HBO feature adaptation of the Ray Bradbury classic stars Jordan as Guy Montag, the fireman who lives in a dystopian society where those in his profession start, not put out, fires. In another bit of exciting casting, my other favorite Michael (Shannon, this is) plays Montag’s boss, Captain Beatty. The first trailer has the Michaels exchanging loads of fiery (sorry) looks and dialogue. And there’s plenty of book burning. Wait, this looks familiar

Heres the full synopsis:

The drama is based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel of the same name, depicting a future where the media is an opiate, history is rewritten and “firemen” burn books. Michael B. Jordan portrays Montag, a young fireman who forsakes his world and struggles to regain his humanity as he battles his mentor, fire captain Beatty, played by Michael Shannon. Sofia Boutella stars as Clarisse, an informant caught between the competing interests of Montag and Beatty.

The film comes from 99 Homes director Ramin Bahrani and also stars The Mummy‘s Sofia Boutella, Laura Harrier, and Lilly Singh. Fahrenheit 451 debuts on HBO May 19.

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