Earlier today, The Flash revealed that Barry’s most dastardly foe the Reverse-Flash would speed through Central City once more, while past set photos teased the Earth-2 arrivals of both Killer Frost and our mirror-image Barry Allen. Now, all three show their faces in a new look at the latter half of The Flash Season 2, beginning in 2016!

In addition to Matt Letscher’s mysterious return as Flash future foe Eobard Thawne, the new promo seemingly confirms that the spectacles-and-bowtie Grant Gustin glimpsed on set belongs to Earth-2, given the image’s familiar tint, also revealing our first look at a parallel Iris. The same goes for a Killer Frost-ed Caitlin Snow, but will our world actually get to meet these characters, or vice-versa?

Returning on January 19, The Flash has yet to issue a synopsis for 2016 opener “Potential Energy,” though it appears Barry will be looking to fill Patty in on his big secret, only for Zoom to rear his ugly mug once more.

You can check out the trailer below, but what might bring us into Earth-2 with Barry, Iris and Killer Frost, come 2016?

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