Flash fans have known for some time that Kevin Smith would direct an upcoming Season 2 episode, though response was somewhat less enthusiastic when Smith teased Jay and Silent Bob co-star Jason Mewes on set beside him. Now, Smith confirms that Mewes at least will appear in the May outing, though not quite hanging outside of Jitters.

Smith addressed the appearance during the most recent Hollywood Babble-on podcast, noting that it was Mewes’ obsession with The CW’s DC slate that got the Clerks director watching in the first place, before inquiring if he could direct an episode:

A lot of people were worried, ‘He’s going to put Jay and Silent Bob in it.’ I did not put Jay and Silent Bob in it. I did put Jay in it … Arrow his his religion, he almost came to visit me on Flash, just so he could walk across the lot and look at the Arrow set, and dream about salmon laddering up.

That said, where Smith resisted the lure of bringing Jersey’s favorite stoners to Central City, Mewes will actually appear in two separate roles, one a bit more telling than the other … literally:

He’s got a role-role, and he plays an adult, which is weird. But we had a moment in the show where I could sneak him in ‘Where’s Waldo?’-esque into a background of a lot of characters. I can’t spoil anything, but I had a chance to put him in twice.

The second one, he’s in a big shot where you see a lot of people. The [first] scene he’s in, he’s got lines, the other scene, he doesn’t. He’s standing amidst a bunch of people, but because he got to wear a mask, he loved that more than the other thing.

So … what? Convention scene? Some kind of mass-masked men gathering [Ed. note: Eh, maybe don't answer that … ]? In any case, Smith also made note of the final two episodes of Season 2 as a two-parter, one of which has since been revealed to feature the Earth-2 Black Canary.

Flash Season 2 will return in a few weeks’ time, but what might Jay get up to in Central City? You know, the other Jay?

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