The Flash closed out the first half of Season 3 with an expected reveal of Dr. Alchemy’s identity, as well as a new puzzle for 2017: a captive Savitar teasing that one of Barry’s team would “fall,” while another would betray them, and a third would suffer “a fate far worse than death.” Winter finale “The Present” even seemingly showed us one of the three, though producers say the scene may have been misinterpreted.

You’re warned both of Flash spoilers, and to put on your time-travel thinking caps from here on out, but let’s review what The Flash Season 3 left us with. Shortly after Savitar relayed those three warnings (in the process outing himself as having been “trapped in eternity” by a future Flash), Barry inadvertently got a glimpse five months into the future, as Savitar killed Iris in front of his other self.

That seemingly took care of the “one shall fall” portion of the prophecy, and potentially even that timeline’s Barry suffering “a fate far worse than death,” but co-showrunner Aaron Helbing tells TVLine that things may not be so simple:

Helbing warns not to assume that Iris’ death and Barry’s subsequent suffering account for two of Savitar’s three prophecies. “The future is malleable,” the EP notes. “Anything can happen.”

That’s almost precisely what Jay Garrick reminded Barry about said future vision, though Helbing also stated “the back half of the season is Barry trying to do whatever it takes to save her.” Hopefully, he’s even learned a lesson about all the secrecy between teammates, and actually tells her this at some point.

Further complicating matters is a fourth prophecy not stated by Savitar himself, but rather one of his followers. Back in Kevin Smith’s “Killer Frost,” one of the big bad’s henchman teased that he’d seen a future in which Caitlin gave in to her supervillain identity, as well that “my lord has special plans for you.” Might that make Caitlin the one to betray the team, as was hinted in Cisco’s future vibe, or was said premonition intended to mislead?

The Flash Killer Frost Vibe Fight
The CW

And what of Wally, who succeeded in taking back his powers from the Flashpoint timeline, but seemed not to suffer any of the consequences, or subservience of Alchemy and Savitar’s influence?

Either way, The Flash has many more questions to answer in 2017, between musicals, Black Flash, and maybe even new a costume, so stay tuned for the latest as we head into the back half of Season 3. Who do you think will fulfill the prophecies?

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