The Flash finds himself in a tricky spot for Season 4; imprisoned in the Speed Force. Central City has Wally West to pick up the slack, and might need him when a Season 1 baddie plays Peek-a-Boo in October’s premiere. Plus – is someone getting a new Flash costume after all?

First and foremost, Entertainment Weekly confirms that Skins and American Horror Story alum Britne Oldford will appear in Season 4 premiere “The Flash Reborn,” reprising her role as teleporter Shawna “Peek-a-Boo” Baez. The character was last seen in Season 1’s “Rogue Air,” but also played a part in the “Chronicles of Cisco” web series.

And here’s where we’ll advise putting on some spoiler goggles: Remember how Keiynan Lonsdale suggested that Wally West wouldn’t officially take up the mantle of “The Flash” in Barry’s absence, like so many comics before? Well, someone’s a real Kid-der. Lonsdale was observed on set wearing Barry’s classic reds, though just as many photos before had him in Kid Flash’s usual yellow, so we’re guessing Wally means only to create the impression the original Flash still guards Central City.

We’ll surely learn more at Comic-Con 2017, including casting for Season 4 big bad “The Thinker,” so stay tuned for the latest details in a Flash.

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