While Marvel fans are no-doubt pleased with the critical and box office success of their movies to date, spend enough time in the comic book communities and you do hear people complain that movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier were not given more consideration for major awards at the end of the year. After all, Marvel has brought in some of the most talented filmmakers and actors in the business to get these movies made; why wouldn’t the Academy want to recognize some of the talent on display in these films?

Maybe this will be the year that changes. According to ComicBook.com (via Heroic Hollywood) Marvel has officially submitted Captain America: Civil War for awards consideration this fall by holding a special “for your consideration” screening of the film on Friday, September 23. With countless screeners sent to critics and industry people every year, these “for your consideration” screenings often play a key role in making sure that movies  —  big and small —  are not forgotten when people go to put together their ballots.

The original article also points out that a live-action Marvel movie has never won an Academy Award, despite nominations for a slew of technical awards, including Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing. While movies like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King show that the Academy is not opposed to voting for blockbuster franchise movies, they do remain the exception rather than the rule. Since Captain America: Civil War brings together characters from each of the individual movies, perhaps it will serve as a sort of across-the-board make-up call for movies in the technical categories? Only time will tell if this will be the first Marvel movie to bring home the gold.

Captain America: Civil War is now available to own on DVD and Blu-ray.