FOX Batman prequel 'Gotham' has introduced us to pint-size incarnations of DC lore from the likes of a plant-tending Poison Ivy to a young upstart Harvey Dent, so what's one more for the pile? Prepare to meet the li'l-est Scarecrow, as FOX's 'Gotham' readies to introduce a pre-Batman version of the fear-intoxicating villain!

Not content to leave any stone of Batman's origins unturned, 'Gotham' showrunner Danny Cannon revealed over the weekend during a panel at Stan Lee's Comikaze that the writers had begun breaking stories to introduce a precursor to Scarecrow, most likely that of a young Jonathan Crane coming to interact with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). Of course, before we see the youth taking up the mantle of Scarecrow some 20 years down the line, we'll also meet the boy's father, who first emerges as an antagonist for Gordon.

The sad truth of the matter is that 'Gotham' seems to want to have it both ways, buying a bit of buzz with Batman names and mythology, but without the logistics to actually utilize any of the characters. It made a reasonable amount of sense to introduce an early version of Bane's venom, but otherwise, we still haven't seen any purpose toward the pilot's inclusion of a young "Ivy Pepper," Edward Nygma's awkward looming presence as an eccentric fascinated by question marks, or young Selina Kyle's repeat intrusions into the plot.

So, who knows. Maybe 'Gotham' will find a way to bring about the Scarecrow that does more than bide time until Bruce puts on a cape and cowl, but until then, we're just grateful no one's taken a real crack at a young Joker just yet. What do you think? Would you be interested to see 'Gotham''s take on another young Bat-villain?

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