A while back we learned of the exciting prospect that comedy legend Billy Crystal would return to TV with 'Book of Mormon' and 'Frozen' star Josh Gad in an FX remake of Swedish comedy series 'The Comedians.' Now, the project has officially been greenlit to series, pairing the elder comedy legend with his younger go-getting counterpart for a 2015 premiere.

Heading into single-camera production this year for 13 episodes to premiere in 2015, FX's 'The Comedians' sees Crystal as a superstar veteran comedian reluctantly paired with Gad's character, an edgier up-and-coming star, for an "unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at a late night sketch comedy show where egos and generations collide." Also present among the cast are series regulars Stephanie Weir, Matt Oberg and Megan Ferguson.

Larry Charles (‘Seinfeld’), Matt Nix (‘Burn Notice‘) and Ben Wexler (‘Community,’ ‘Arrested Development‘) will serve as writers and producers of the series along with Crystal and Gad. Says Fox Television Studios President David Madden, "If comedy is timing, we were wildly fortunate to land this material at a time when two true comedy superstars were open to doing a series. With the combination of Billy and Josh, and the comic writing/directing gifts of Larry, Ben and Matt, all we needed to do was to get out of their way."

It may be awhile yet before we see any promotional materials for the 2015 series, but what do you think? Could 'The Comedians' be FX's next great comedy after 'Louie'?