The past few rounds of teasers for FX's forthcoming 'Fargo' adaptation have been appropriately slow burns, showing off a mood both scenic and sinful, but now things are starting to heat up. Meet 'Sherlock' and 'The Hobbit' star Martin Freeman's henpecked Lester Nygaard, along with our first speaking part for Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo in the latest round of 'Fargo' teasers!

Where previous teasers introduced us a bit to Thornton's character in the new FX drama inspired by the Oscar-winning 1996 Coen brothers' film of the same name. two new spots show Lorne Malvo handy with a knife, and equally poetic. "Most people live their lives under the impression there are rules," he ruminates, driving through the snowfallen landscape as a figure pounds from inside the trunk. "There's nothing wrong with living by the rules, as long as you're willing to die by 'em."

Meanwhile, another teaser promo shows Freeman's character sitting atop a noisy dryer, looking increasingly exasperated as the camera zooms in toward his bandaged nose, with an ominous hammer sitting just out of frame on the washer. Wanna bet there's something sinister inside, that Lester Nygaard doesn't want anyone to see?

Most recently adding comedy duo Key & Peele, FX’s ‘Fargo’ also features 'Breaking Bad' star Bob Odenkirk as Deputy Bill Olson, Allison Tolman as his fellow Deputy Molly Solverson, Colin Hanks as Duluth Police Deputy Gus Grimly, along with ‘Always Sunny‘ star Glenn Howerton as ambitious personal trainer Don Chumph, Kate Walsh as Gina Hess, a former stripper raising twin teenagers, Oliver Platt as supermarket king Stavros Milos, as well as roles for Adam Goldberg, Joey King, Peter Breitmayer, Tom Musgrave, and Josh Close.

'Fargo' more than has our attention for its April 15 premiere, but check out the latest round of trailers for yourself above and below, and tell us what you want to see from the re-imagined crime drama in the comments!