At long last, Game of Thrones finally brought us its first proper battle in Sunday’s aptly-named “Battle of the Bastards,” offering everything we hoped it could be. So much work went into the final showdown between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, that HBO released a full ten-minute featurette chronicling production.

You are of course warned of all the major spoilers for last night’s “Battle of the Bastards,” but HBO stepped up its featurette game to bring us a full ten-minute “Anatomy of a Scene” for the massive sequence, which itself required upwards of 70 horses. Everything from the galloping charges to the wall of bodies was as real as you hope, with Kit Harington displaying some impressive courage.

Of course, next week will bring it all to a close with Season 6 finale “The Winds of Winter,” but will Jon and Sansa’s efforts keep the North secure, at least for the time being? What might Littlefinger want in return, to have ridden to Sansa’s rescue with the Knights of the Vale?

Go in-depth with the battle above, and check out additional moments from the episode below, as we gear up for the finale.