Secrecy has proven something of a sore subject for Game of Thrones Season 6, with HBO attempting to limit the availability of spoilers (even from the press), and oftentimes failing miserably. To wit, the network even amusingly offered its final two Season 6 episode releases without any description whatsoever, but Emmy ballots for “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter” tell a different story.

Where yesterday HBO released the final Game of Thrones Season 6 synopses devoid of even the Mad Men-style teases, Entertainment Weekly’s look at the 2016 Emmy submission ballot offers brief teases for both episodes:

“Battle of the Bastards”

Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.

“The Winds of Winter”

Cersei faces her trial.

Worth noting, HBO submitted “Battle of the Bastards” for both David Benioff and Dan Weiss’ writing, Miguel Sapochnik’s directing, editing, visual effects, sound mixing, hairstyling and makeup. Season 6 finale “The Winds of Winter,” meanwhile, was submitted for costuming and outstanding cinematography.

As with most Game of Thrones synopses, even the truncated Emmy submissions leave the field wide open for interpretation, though presumable the titular battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton’s forces will involve terms of surrender at some point. As to the finale, Cersei’s trial will only take up a portion of the 69-minute runtime, but clearly suggests we’ll see some actual proceedings, rather than kill off the High Sparrow in minutes, or flee the city.

In the meantime, Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards” will surely prove an all-timer, but what else should we make of the final two Season 6 episodes?

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