If you're a fan of HBO's massively twisted series 'Game of Thrones' but you haven't read the George R.R. Martin books they are based on, you might occasionally find yourself hitting the Internet or pumping a knowledgable reading friend for information on what happens to your favorite characters (from personal experience, the official book series Wiki is excellent). But, do the stars of the show do that, too? Or are they all desperately paging through the books during their off-time? When it comes to Cersei Lannister herself, she's not so concerned with what will happen next -- although her mom is.

Star Lena Headey hit up 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to chat about this past season and what's in store for her (and Cersei) in the future. Host Jimmy Kimmel asked about Headey's familiarity with the books, and her answer was quite cute (along with the image of her mom greedily digging into the books to find the best Cersei stuff). Who knew anything 'Game of Thrones' related could be so sweet?