After only 10 episodes, HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 will come to a conclusion with Sunday’s finale “Mhysa.” Last week’s “The Rains of Castamere” hopefully got the biggest bloodshed out of the way, but what can we expect from the final hour of the season? While we wait, we’ve put together a list of 10 sure-fire things to expect (as well as a few we’re secretly hoping for) from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 finale “Mhysa"!

  • 1

    The Red Wedding Reception

    Now that we’ve all marginally recovered from the events of the Red Wedding, we still have a bit of cleanup from the affair to go through. We doubt if the Freys and Lannisters will simply leave the bodies of Robb and Catelyn Stark laying around, so how about some insight into the Wedding’s more immediate aftermath?  We’re not stonehearted, after all. And hey, whatever happened to Edmure and Brynden Tully?

  • 2

    Arya Gonna Do Something?

    Poor Arya, a kidnap victim to be ransomed all season, only to find herself in the middle of the Red Wedding as she arrived to see her mother and brother once more. Arya definitely needs a win after such a passive season, but will she have to get away from the Hound to do it? It’s too bad we don’t already know better, but Jaquen H’Gar would make a welcome return about now.

  • 3

    Seriously, Who's Theon's New Friend?

    This guy! Fans of the books could easily guess this torturous bastard’s identity, but casual viewers have been given criminally little payoff to Theon’s torture scenes over the past season. Not only would it put a great many things in perspective to learn said torturer’s ultimate plan, but events of the most recent episode make the perfect opportunity to finally shed some light on the character.

  • 4

    What Is Offscreen May Never Die

    Granted Theon’s been a bit busy this season with his new friends, but it’s high time we checked in with the Greyjoys, whether the real Yara or Balon. After all, Melisandre’s recent spell could have as dire consequences for the Greyjoys as with the Starks, but it’d be good to see what the Ironborn have been up to all season, especially after vacating Winterfell so abruptly.

  • 5

    The Kingslayer Returns

    Jaime and Brienne understandably needed a break after the events of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” but it's time we saw a bit of resolution to their story. Given the division of George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords,” it’s difficult to say if we’ll see Jaime return to King’s Landing by season’s end, but that shouldn’t preclude some kind of meaningful interaction between Jaime and his odd couple companion, especially after the daring rescue.

  • 6

    Jon Knows Something

    After a season of travel and poorly-concealed double agentry, Jon Snow laid the ol’ “Crows before hoes” card on Ygritte and finally departed the Wildling raiders. So while we wouldn’t rule out a final confrontation between he and Ygritte, maybe it’s time Jon Snow arrived somewhere, or did something…useful? Perhaps an overdue return to Castle Black to warn his brothers of what’s to come? And hey, what about Sam and Gilly?

  • 7

    Daenerys and Daario Naharis Get Sullied

    We give a lot of credit for Daenerys’ vastly-improved storyline over season 2, but some stronger emotional consequences are needed to really drive things home. Dany clearly has eyes for Daario Naharis, and last we checked, Jorah wasn’t too happy about that. Could a more personal confrontation be in order? Perhaps some involvement from Ser Barristan Selmy, whose impressive introduction early in the season hasn’t yielded anything more than a second set of eyes just yet?

  • 8

    Bran Makes a Stand

    Arguably the weakest storylines of the season have belonged to Bran and Sansa, though Sansa understandably so. Bran’s journey finally reached an emotional climax of saying goodbye to his brother and Osha, but hopefully the finale will provide us with a more conclusive midpoint to Bran’s long trek with the Reeds, and a promise of more to come. As for Sansa, domestically wedded bliss with Tyrion, we presume?

  • 9

    How Stannis Got His Groove Back

    We’ve understandably seen Stannis a broken man this season following the devastating loss at Blackwater, but with Davos out of the dungeon, and another of the impostor kings down, it’s time for Stannis to make or break his relationship with Melisandre and find a new proactive course for next season. And if he didn’t end up having to kill Gendry for good luck, so much the better!

  • 10

    A Joffrey Slap, For Old Time's Sake

    Considering how fans of the series would very much like to see the insufferable King Joffrey taken down a peg or two, it’s been criminally long since we’ve seen anyone give the old five-fingered salute. Sure, Joffrey has grown more confident as a king all season and might very well get his one day, but no ‘Game of Thrones’ season should pass by without a solid slap. Come on Tywin, put down the pen and show him what it’s like!