The time is once again upon us, as HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 will come to a conclusion with Sunday’s finale “The Children.” Last week’s “The Watchers on the Wall” likely took the crown for action, but what can we expect from the final hour of the season? While we wait, we’ve put together a list of 13 sure-fire things to expect (as well as a few we’re secretly hoping for) from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 finale “The Children”!

[SPOILER WARNING for those who aren't all caught up!]

Snow Goes to Mince With Mance


Thrilling as the ultimate battle of “The Watchers on the Wall” proved with its giant ice scythes, O.C. remixes and well…giants, we’re hard-pressed to deny what even Jon Snow said himself: that the battle lacked any real resolution to the conflict. Now, with Jon Snow heading north to take on Mance Rayder, we’ll get our first taste of Ciaran Hinds (phrasing!) all season, and hopefully some sense of how season 5’s time spent with Jon Snow won’t just reiterate the same conflicts.

Arya Hounded Enough Yet?


Sure, Arya and the Hound has made for one of our favorite pairings this season, but for the better part of a year now these characters have had little to do but wander around, find out which of the Stark extended family have perished, and gather a few brutal life lessons. Now that the Hound seems continually slowed by his neck injury, might we see some actual developments between the pair, and a new destination in mind for Arya?

Free Tyrion!


Despite all the Emmys we want to lob at Peter Dinklage for his many monologues and crushing defeats this year, something tells us the HBO drama isn’t going to put down it’s most beloved character, or keep him locked up in a cell for another season (how long could one execution take?). That in mind, we have to imagine our boy Tyrion squirming his way to freedom somehow, and when that happens, we’re guessing neither Tywin, Cersei or any of Tyrion’s enemies be sleeping very well.

Dany, Dragons, Daario and Decisions


Daenerys seems pretty cozy in Mereen, but she’s losing folk left and right. First that dashing new Daario went off to re-conquer Yunkai and the other slave states, before homegirl of dragons straight up coldstone exiled Ser Jorah for passing a few notes on her back in the day. It’s tough to say if we’ll be seeing Jorah the explorer’s next destination, but judging by the dragons in the promo, Daenerys has to have a fairly exciting week, no? How about Missandei and Grey Worm? Is the pillar still intact?

Tommen Getting His Pounce On


We’ll grant you that King Tommen recused himself of Tyrion’s trial and left Big Daddy Tywin in charge, but to not even show up to the battle between the Mountain and the Viper? If Tommen is off playing with Ser Pounce and canoodling with Margaery, that’s where we want to be, damn it!

Will The Mountain Fall?


It seems reasonably safe to assume that Prince Oberyn won’t be palling around the brothel anytime soon, but whatever happened to The Mountain? Last we saw, Ser Gregor Clegane had gotten some pretty nasty wounds of his own, and wasn’t looking too good alongside his latest crush. Will the Mountain ride again, or will Oberyn have achieved his posthumous revenge?

Sansa and Littlefinger Get to Schemin'


We’ll call a moratorium on Littlefinger’s creepy obsession with Sansa, but when the eldest daughter of Eddard Stark cleans up this well, we have to know what happens next. Little Robin has flown the nest to check out his future kingdom, but will Sansa and Lord Baelish have any more collaborative schemes before the season is out? Will HBO really leave us with only a suggestion of what the two might have gotten up to after we last saw them?

Brienne and Pod: Stark Hunters


Book readers might have an inkling as to what Brienne and Pod will encounter in the season finale, but considering how little they’ve actually managed to accomplish in their brief screentime together, we have to imagine we’ll pay one last visit to our new favorite ‘True Detective’ season 2 pairing as they continue the search for the Stark sisters. Now that they’re headed toward the Vale, might something stop them in their tracks, stone-cold?

Gilly Up, Sam!


If we were wondering what Jon Snow and the Crows (new band name!) would get up to in season 5, we’re even more curious what will become of Sam and Gilly now that the latter is returned to Castle Black, and more than open to a few smoochie-smoochies. After all, Sam wasn’t entirely wrong about the Night’s Watch being a dangerous place for Gilly to hang her hat, so do we really expect these two to settle down so quickly?

Stannis Still


Hey, remember that guy? Once upon a time, he seemed pretty hot and bothered to go after the White Walkers in the North, but then it seems to have slipped his mind for a season or two. Not only that, but we haven’t seen ol’ sourpuss and his red lady-friend for a few episodes now, at least since the beginning of their supposed voyage, so maybe we’ll see a bit less moping around Dragonstone for a change!

Raisin' Bran Gets a Little Nutty


Oy. If there’s any story that even the books have had trouble servicing, it’s Bran and the Reeds’ adventures north of the Wall. This season gave us a second shot at reuniting Bran with Jon, only to veer away at the last second once again, so maybe now that Bran’s favorite tree lies just over the hill, we’ll find the Three-Eyed Raven and get some answers as to why we’re following these darn kids!

The Final Slap


Oh, come on? Who wouldn’t love to dig up Joffrey’s corpse for one last smack, just for old time’s sake? He’s probably not even that rank yet, and the googly eyes make it all the funnier! Oh well. Well, as long as we’re on the notion of bringing back certain corpses, we’ll just quietly leave this here.

Well, what say you? Will the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 finale “The Children” top last week, or the finales before? Catch up on everything you need to know below, and give us your predictions for the final ‘Game of Thrones of the season, and beyond in the comments!

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