Pardon the pun, but all the cloak and dagger mystery of Game of Thrones Season 6 just got a major shot to the gut. The 2016 return to Westeros just swore in its biggest addition yet, adding Al Swearengen himself, Deadwood alum Ian McShane for a major new role.

Entertainment Weekly reported the scoop, though unfortunately for fans, mum’s the word on who McShane might be playing. We’re also told his screentime for the season will prove relatively brief, though “his character is of key importance.” Open up the speculation valves!

Elsewhere of Game of Thrones Season 6 (which may not prove so penultimate as we’d thought), we know that casting on a number of other new roles suggests we’ll follow Samwell Tarly on his departure from the Night’s Watch, while others seemingly confirm we’ll pick up with George R.R. Martin’s discarded Iron Islands subplots, and additional locations point to a number of flashbacks.

Apart from a list of directors, debate continually rages as to whether Kit Harington’s Jon Snow will participate in Season 6, even as Harington can clearly be seen in Belfast, and story logistics seemingly confirm scenes set at The Wall in Season 6.

Exciting though it is to have Ian McShane at last back on HBO, who might he be suiting up as when Game of Thrones Season 6 bows in 2016?

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