Game of Thrones fans have known for some time that Season 6 would return to a few abandoned subplots and locales from earlier in the series, particularly with regard to the Riverlands, and now another notable Season 3 face could kick off a story fans have waited for. Does the Brotherhood Without Banners have a stony new leader?

Take this with a minor grain of salt for now, as Game of Thrones Season 6 has wisely avoided spoiling a few returns beyond the Tully sigil present in the most recent trailer, but it seems the Brotherhood Without Banners could also return to Season 6 in a big way. Actor Paul Kaye’s representation claims he’ll reprise the role of red priest Thoros of Myr in Season 6 (via Watchers on the Wall), while other reports have corroborated his presence around a hanging scene.

Temper your expectations, of course, but Lady Stoneheart truthers (yes, that’s a thing) have long sought evidence of the resurrected Catelyn Stark finally making her way into the series. If Thoros remains a member of the Brotherhood (outlaw casting calls have also pointed in that direction), privy to the odd hanging or two, there’s at least a good chance Thoros might have a new, more merciless leader.

There’s plenty more to speculate, even with Game of Thrones Season 6 just over a week away, but could Thoros’ return finally give fans the resurrection they’ve clamored for (you know, other than Jon Snow)?

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