There was plenty to uncover within the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer itself, but you know those sneaky rascals at HBO; there’s always more behind the scenes. So it is, that a new costume featurette teases not only new looks, but perhaps some major reunions to come.

HBO revealed a more in-depth look at Season 7 production with a profile on costume designer Michele Clapton, who shared a bit of her own history from fashion student on. This being the internet, of course, some eagle-eyed fans caught one minor detail that could spoil a major moment in Winterfell.

If you look at some of the BTS footage below, you’ll catch Maisie Williams and the distinct hilt for Needle, the sword Jon Snow had forged for Arya in Season 1, that she eventually recovered.


Innocuous enough on its own, perhaps, and neither footage nor photos have given much indication what Arya will be up to this season (apart from hanging out with Ed Sheeran). Still, if you zoom in on another BTS shot of Sophie Turner’s Sansa in the crypts of Winterfell, a production assistant behind her appears to be carrying Needle for some use in the scene.


Random coincidence? Perhaps. Intentional misdirect? Maybe so. Either way, stars have been reasonably vocal that Season 7 will pick up the pace when it comes to character reunions and crossovers, and surely Needle’s pointy end will find its targets faster with Arya rejoining her family.

In the meantime, check out the trailer again below, and stay tuned for more from Game of Thrones Season 7’s July 16 premiere.