Game of Thrones fans will never tire of the eerie green glow behind wildfire explosions, elevating Cersei’s finale plot to the peak of iconic imagery for the series. Such a sight is unlikely repeated in what little time we have left, so watch VFX painstakingly break down every ker-ploding bit and bob, layer by later, for the explosive final result!

Rising Sun Pictures released an exquisite new featurette peeling back the Sept of Baelor’s explosion layer by layer, including practical elements, CGI, compositing, flame effects and so much more for the finished product. For High Sparrow sadists, there’s gruesome emphasis on his skeletal makeover, immediately followed by requisite sadness that Margaery was sure to follow.

In addition to the wildfire featurette, Mackevision also released a more overarching look at compositing effects from the season, including the many layers and effects that go into even static shots of major locales (the Iron Islands really are quite a sight).

In the meantime, Game of Thrones is gearing up production for Season 7 (with a few familiar faces, maybe?), so check out the breakdowns above, and stay tuned for more on the long road to fresh footage.

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