On the long-running Comedy Central slacker sitcom Workaholics, bros-for-life Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Adam Devine made no bones about their affinity for recreational marijuana use. But for those fans who had their healthy sense of skepticism, suspecting that it may all be an act for the sake of creating an onscreen persona, the Workaholics boys are back to re-affirm that they really and sincerely do love getting high. Just to prove it to you, all three actors light up in the teaser for their latest on-screen outing, and what’s more, they’re releasing it on April 20 of next year. As in, 4/20. Which is a weed thing.

In Game Over, Man! the trio of doofuses star as would-be video-game designers scraping out a living as custodial staff in a ritzy L.A. hotel while waiting for a big break. The answer to their prayers arrives in the form of a hard-partying billionaire celebrity who offers to fund their work, but before any deals get signed, a group of terrorists turn the hotel into a Die Hard situation and take their new impresario hostage. Despite being ill-equipped, constantly stoned nerds, the fellas agree to stage a rescue mission and secure their future while escaping with their lives. Hijinks, as they must, ensue.

With the release just shy of a year away, the teaser is made up of footage that we can safely presume won’t make it into the finished cut of the film. It’s a simple gag, but an effective one — the guys each spark a joint using lighters designed to look like guns, except for Devine, who very nearly shoots himself in the face. He summarily loses drug privileges, only to remember that he‘s the only one with a real gun and demand that they be reinstated. It’s stoopid but in an endearing way, true to the Workaholics brand of humor. Keep a bloodshot eye out for this one.

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