It’s a strange thought that HBO’s once-controversial Girls will officially say goodbye in 2017, but no stranger than some of the unexpected guest stars from season to season. Where Corey Stoll dropped by last season, another FX leading male will spend some time with Hannah and co., none other than The Americans star Matthew Rhys.

The unexpected casting emerged from a Hollywood Reporter interview with Rhys and Americans co-star/partner Keri Russell, as the once and future Philip Jennings noted that his role on The Americans had created some unexpected opportunities over the years:

How has this show changed the opportunities that are being brought to you? Matthew, word is that you’ll be appearing on the final season of Girls, which would qualify as a real departure.

Well, yeah, that’s a prime example of our show [opening doors. Lena Dunham] watches it and goes, “Oh, come and do this.” It’s a total departure, and that’s what you always want.

Both The Americans and Girls shoot in Brooklyn, though we’d imagine Rhys won’t be playing himself as a “real departure,” as was the case with Lucy Liu shooting scenes opposite Adam Driver in Season 5. In any case, Girls was most recently suggested to be shooting in Florida, as we saw with writer-creator-star Lena Dunham’s Instagram posts.

It could be time yet before we learn many real details of Girls’ final season, but who besides Rhys might drop by for a guest spot?

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