'Luck' might be out of luck, but you're in luck!  Fans of HBO's hotly-debated new Lena Dunham dramedy 'Girls' as well as Laura Dern's 'Enlightened' won't have to wait quite as long for either shows' sophomore year.  The network has announced that it will be debuting season 2 of both shows earlier 2013 than their previous outings, but by how much?  And what unlucky show is to blame?

During their panel at the Television Critics Association press tour (I know, that's still going on?), HBO revealed that 'Girls' season 2 and 'Enlightened' will buddy up in 2013, premiering both their second seasons in January.  'Girls' initially premiered in April 2012, and reached tremendous success paired with 'Veep,' whose return date has not yet been announced.

Part of the reason for the shift revolves around now-cancelled Dustin Hoffman / Michael Mann horse-racing drama 'Luck,' which HBO scrapped shortly into production of its second season due to a third horse's death.  With no second season of 'Luck' to show in January 2013, the network gave 'Girls' and 'Enlightened' an early start.

Elsewhere, not much is known about the second season of 'Girls,' other than the inclusion of 'Community' star Donald Glover, former ‘A Gifted Man’ dream doc Patrick Wilson, and former 'Roswell' star Shiri Appleby as a new romantic interest for Hannah's ex Adam.

What say you?  Are you happy to have 'Girls' back ahead of schedule?  What about 'Enlightened?'  Give us your take on HBO's 2013 schedule in the comments!