Well, we certainly knew this was coming. With the release of HBO's 'Enlightened' season 2 trailer earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before HBO busted out the 'Girls' season 2 trailer, both premiering on Sunday, January 13. So what's next for Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa, after last season's bitter finale? Plenty of fights, celebrity guest stars, nudity and Donald Glover, of course! Get your first look at 'Girls' season 2 inside!

When last we left the women of 'Girls,' Hannah found herself broken-hearted (and broke) on a beach eating cake, Jessa became a newlywed, Marnie got a bit of her own back, and even Shoshanna finally took the plunge and lost her virginity. So what's on deck for 'Girls' season 2? Check out the new trailer below, courtesy of HBO to find out!

In it, you'll catch fleeting glimpses of some of the upcoming guest stars, including 'Community's' Donald Glover, Patrick Wilson and Rita Wilson (no relation) as Marnie's mother. And as you'd come to expect, Hannah herself (Lena Dunham) has plenty of awkward moments, sentiment and further tendency not to wear clothes. Clothes might be the least of her problems, however, as Adam (Adam Driver)'s reaction to the break-up borders on psychotic!

Check out the official 'Girls' season 2 trailer below, and give us your reactions in the comments! Will you tune in for the season 2 premiere on Sunday, January 13!