Like the episodes before it, and the season before that 'Girls' has continue to prove a divisive force in the TV world. Following Sunday's quietly optimistic season 2 finale "Together," the series will be in for a bit of a shake-up in season 3 as production expands from 10 to 12 episodes and Golden Globe-winning creator Lena Dunham adds a few new writers, but will 'Girls' be going dark in season 3? New casting reports suggest at least one character might be going to rehab next year...

Now that the second season of HBO's 'Girls' has conclusively wrapped, whether realistically or not, speculation has already begun for the Judd Apatow-produced comedy's third season next year. New Central Casting reports posted to Facebook have revealed a number of upcoming roles to be cast for 'Girls' season 3, which heavily suggest that we might see at least one character in a rehab facility.

The leaked reports call for a number of characters to play patients, some of whom receive treatment for alcoholism, while other parts include a chain-smoking nurse, a maintenance man, and a social worker. Of course, the list wouldn't reveal any details of who from 'Girls' we might see in a rehab facility, though Jessa, Adam, or even Hannah receiving some kind of treatment for her OCD flare-up seem like possibilities.

No major casting announcements have arisen for 'Girls' season 3, but what say you? Are you eager to find out where the 'Girls' go next after finishing season 2?

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