HBO’s Girls created something of a commotion last week with news that its February Season 5 premiere might push back Game of Thrones, but that isn’t stopping Lena Dunham from showing off our first footage of the new season, among other things. Take a look at the first teaser trailer for Girls Season 5, and dance like no one (not even your mother) is watching.

The premiere won’t formally arrive until February 21, one week after HBO kick off its 2016 roster with Vinyl, though Hannah seems to be feeling plenty rhythm of her own by the first Season 5 teaser. It isn’t clear if either Hannah or her mother have done some relocating in the wake of Season 4, but either way, parental awkwardness will never cease.

Thus far, relatively little is known of Girls’ fifth season, though Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna are expected to pick up with the scant Season 4 timejump that saw Hannah turning down Adam’s renewed interest, and continuing a relationship with Jake Lacy’s teacher character Fran. Elementary star Lucy Liu has also been seen on set playing a version of herself, acting opposite Adam Driver’s character.

In the meantime, check out the teaser above, and get ready for the girls of Girls to return for Season 5 on February 21.